BizViz - Manufacturing Intelligence and Business Visualization

Manufacturing Intelligence and Business Visualization

BizViz - Manufacturing Intelligence and Business Visualization

The BizViz™ suite of products provides real-time manufacturing intelligence from the production floor to the boardroom, turning real-time information into a competitive advantage. Manufacturers today are pressed to increase production, reduce downtime, improve overall quality and lower costs. BizViz is designed to bridge the gap between manufacturing and corporate business information systems.

ReportWorX™ takes volumes of data from disparate data sources and turns them into valuable information in the form of reports. The advanced reporting tool takes advantage of Microsoft’s Excel® technology. ReportWorX, which is based on Microsoft .NET provides native support for Office 2007 and 2010. Once generated, the reports are automatically sent to local or remote disk drives, printers, PDF files, Web servers, fax machines, or multiple users via e-mail.

PortalWorX™ is a real-time collaboration and visualization portal solution built on the powerful Microsoft SharePoint® 2003, 2007 and 2010 platform. PortalWorX empowers users to easily design, develop, deploy and manage custom manufacturing and business intelligence portals. PortalWorX empowers decision makers at all levels of the organization with real-time and accurate information to help them drive global operational efficiency and strengthen their competitive advantage. The core of PortalWorX is based on Web Parts, digital dashboard technologies and extensive connectivity to plant and corporate IT systems.

BridgeWorX™ provides data integration without programming. An intuitive easy-to-use graphical workflow editor enables users to create transaction configurations which define the flow and transfer of critical plant information to and from real-time OPC, BacNET and other devices to corporate business information systems. Powerful BridgeWorX data-mining technology can access virtually any data source, including Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, Microsoft Access, ODBC, OLEDB, Web services and Oracle.