In order to protect the privacy of our clients, this client shall be known as Client A.

About Client A

Client A is a facility that stores grain, corn, soybeans and other agricultural products. Recently, Client A built a second facility consisting of new storage bins and an additional truck-unload area. The original storage system at the facility utilized buttons and non-computer devices to move the agricultural product along conveyers to the correct storage bin but the new facility is computer-operated. Because of the technological differences of the two facilities, Client A had no way to control the entire co-op.

Project Summary

Systems Group Technologies, LLC designed and programed the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to integrate the old, manual facility with the new, computerized facility. This included a programmable logic controller/remote terminal unit (PLC), a remote field I/O, Operator/Interface/Visualization/Data logging software (HMI) and Ethernet communication hardware. The new system allows Client A to run the new facility and to monitor and control the old facility.

Key Features

All devices within the facility are connected using fiber optic cables. Systems Group Technologies LLC employs non-proprietary Ethernet communication hardware to enable open networks and open protocols.

Benefits of the System

The SCADA system allows all the independent aspects of the facility to operate on one control system. Systems Group Technology, LLC and ICONICS software integrated the outdated, manual system with new technology, enabling Client A to more effectively manage the flow of products.

ICONICS Software Deployed

Genesis64 - designed from the ground up in 64-bit, this automaton software allows users to create dazzling 2D and 3D visualization which integrates information from a variety of data sources including maps, satellite imaging, real-time information and more.