In order to protect the privacy of our clients, this client shall be known as Client C.

About Client C

Throughout the landfill, waste water is filtered through the ground into cells or sumps. These cells are pumped to above ground tanks called leachate tanks. The leachate tanks are then pumped out using trucks which are able to transport the leachate to waste water treatment plants. Due to the cost of trucking the leachate and in part the trucks being unable to keep up with hauling the leachate to the treatment plant, a project was developed to pump the waste to the treatment plant by tying into an existing sewer line.

Project Summary

Systems Group Technologies, LLC (SGT) designed and programed the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for the landfill leachate pumping system. SGT programmed and implemented the hardware and software at the landfill’s leachate tanks, pump locations and administration building. This included a programmable logic controller/remote terminal unit (PLC), a remote field I/O, Operator/Interface/Visualization/Data logging software (HMI) and wireless and Ethernet communication hardware. SGT worked with a local electrical contractor that installed all the equipment and wiring.

Key Features

The communication system was created using self-healing fiber optic cable rings throughout the facility with the addition of one Ethernet based wireless radio. Systems Group Technologies LLC employs non-proprietary Ethernet communication hardware to enable open networks and open protocols.

Benefits of the System

The additional leachate tank allows for more storage and the new sewer line eliminates the need for trucking the waste water out of the landfill. Systems Group Technology, LLC and ICONICS software enabled the landfill to manage flow to all three leachate tanks and the sewer line using one control system.